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INTES MICRO ALTER M 603 - 6"F/10 Maksutov Cassegrain

High tech quality telescope for advanced amateurs, who wish to have the highest standart. Fully baffled tube interior ( 5 baffles) protect it from any straylight at daytime. All mechanical elements are made from metal, therefore this telescope can be used with our new Solarpentaprism without additional Frontfilter. Focusing is accomplished by using an large gear behind primary mirror, turned by an small gear with the handknob. The large gear use an inside multilayerthread and therefore the focusing is made on axis with zero image shift.

All the ALTER moving mirror telescopes have the same advantage: use of any available accessorie on the market, use of any reducer for f/ratios F/7.5, F/5.5, F/3.3 and for CCD/ videowork with F/2.5.

Zeiss Maksutov are warranted by 90% streahlratio, INTES and INTES MICRO Maksutovs are made for over 95 % strehlratio . Image quality on faint planetary details are the same as in highest quality 4" Fluorite Apochromats and as in serial production 5" ED Apochromats. The diffraction modulation transfere function of the testresult shows clearly, that the contrast of this high quality 6" Maksutovs is better than in massproduction 8" Schmidt Cassegrains. Therefore are more faint details visible in the 6" Mak, even on nebulaes and galaxies. The 8*50 finder allow you to see any messierobject.

The newest version coming with an large frontthread to fit the fully baffled dewcap. The baffled dewcaps protect the telescope from straylight and any dew, dewremovers no more needet. On the bottomside the telescopes have now the rail to fit directly on Vixen mounts and with the includet negativplate it can be mounted on any other mount.. The optical system can be fully collimated by push pull screws of primary and secondary mirror. The tubehandle allow easy mounting.

The tube ends with the standart 2" thread of MEADE and CELESTRON.


Technical Specification Value Delivery
Clear Aperature 150 mm Opt. Tube with 8*50 Finder, piggy back camera mount,1.25" Stardiagional, 1.25" Kellner 30mm MC, 1.25", Barlowlens 2.4*, rail & mountplate, softcase, tubehandle
Focallength 1.500 mm
Diameter of Secondary incl. Baffle 53 mm
Tubediameter 198 mm
Tubelength 385 mm
Tubeweight 6 kg
Max. Magnification 350 *
Finder w/ Quick Relay Bracket 8*50 MC coated
Quality Warranted diffraction limited


im_m603_mc.jpg (55626 bytes)


im_m603_mc_4.jpg (29516 bytes)


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