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INTES MICRO ALTER D 6 german equatorial mount


This mount is special designed for german and japanese market, where such heavy mounts are very rar. INTES MICRO used for this designing the SHOWA 20E and VIXEN Atlux mounts as an ideal model for future styling. Such mounts from Japan or USA sometimes to expensive for german customers . This mount is designed to hold perfectly the MEADE 12" SC, Celestron C14, 12" Maksutovs and 8" Apochromats. The details of this mount, show an clear picture of the capability of russian engineers. There are used only the best materials like aluminium, stainless steel and brass. The complete housing is not a casting form, it is fully maschined inside and outside from 1 part of large aluminiumblock ( to expensive for western companys) to receive best stability and smallest vibration.

Delivery: wormgeardiameter RA 140 mm from cogwheel bronce, Modul 1; wormgeardiameter DEC 100 mm from cogwheel bronce, Modul 1; secured skid clutch in both axis with additonal use of handknobs in both axis, installed periodic error control, solarspeed and conneting CCD guiders is possible

im_d6_mnt.jpg (20918 bytes)


Technical Specification Value
weight of equatorial head without counterweight 20 kg
maximum loading capacity 30-40 kg, depending on telescopesystem
coloring grey
Polarfinder Japanese made
material of axis in RA and DEC Stainless steel ST 52 turned/ ball bearing sizes grinted
diameter of axis in RA and DEC 65 mm with 15 mm wallthickness
axis support on axis 2 stressed ballbearings
wormaxis in RA and DEC: material Stainless steel, high precision grinted
Attachment of the wormaxis each 2 ball bearings
engines Steppermotors in both axis
photographic guiding speed 0.33*, 4*
periodic error +/- 5 arcsec.
observing speed 16*
Power supply 15 V DC, 800mA, 220V AC
Tripod height variation 800-1.230 mm
Latitude range 0 - 70°
mean siderial rate error 0.005 %
Tripod 3 legs stainless steel tripod with eyepieceplate
Counterweights 1 pc 2.6 kg + 1 pc 7.4 kg from stainless steel
Total shipping weight 45 kg


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